10 Types of Residential Signage You Need

Residential signage is a vital element of any multiple dwelling building. It helps provide information on direction, location, and safety. By installing exterior monuments signs or post-mounted signs, a property owner can also instill a sense of community. But signs for apartments can do more. Branded signage also acts as a form of advertising to attract new tenants and fill vacancies faster.

At Sunshine Sign, we are here to help you choose the best kind of signs for your residential complex. We can also advise on what residential building signage you are required by law to install.

Why Residential Signage is Vital

Signs for apartment buildings provide several valuable functions. For example, flat numbers, floor levels, entrance signs, and wayfinding signage make life easier for residents and visitors. By law, you may have to install safety signs, policy signs and have signs that comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Branding your apartment complex signage can also set the tone for the entire property. This could include monument signage that welcomes guests to the complex. Or you may have well-designed branded signs in the parking lot. In addition, ensuring that exterior signage is anti-graffiti will prevent vandals from spoiling the look of your residential property.

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Essential Elements
of Residential Signs

For residential signage to be effective, it should convey vital information effectively. However, each apartment complex is unique with its own requirements. That is why we work with you to ensure that every aspect of your signage serves its purpose.

Here are a few essential elements that apartment building sign design should incorporate:

  • Visibility — The most critical element of a great sign is that it conveys information clearly. This way, residents and visitors quickly get the information they need. Visible signs are also ideal for wayfinding and advertising.
  • Easy to maintain — Signs in the public area of a building or parking lots must be easy to clean, withstand the harsh elements, and not be subject to vandalism.
  • Branding — Incorporating your brand can help reflect a higher class of living. By using contemporary lettering, colors, and your logo, residents can have a greater sense of belonging.

10 Kinds of Residential Signs

Residential signage should incorporate several kinds of signs. For example, a monument sign helps make the building stand out. Directional signs are helpful outside the building. But you also need them indoors in the lobby, elevator, and on each floor. Additionally, you may require stylish advertising signs to attract new tenants or inform residents about upcoming events.

Let’s look in more detail at the type of residential signage your complex needs.

1. Monument signs for residential buildings

Monument signs can provide an excellent first impression of your residential complex. Stylish, sophisticated monument signage can help residents feel good about where they live. Additionally, an illuminated sign helps people locate the complex night or day. Depending on your requirements, the outdoor sign may just have your logo. Or it could incorporate the address and contact information.

2. Multifamily residential complex signage

There are many types of signs that are necessary for a complex with multiple units. For example, stylish signs showing the unit number, directions to the management office, and floor number are helpful for residents and guests. It is also vital that multifamily signage matches your brand and lifestyle residents enjoy.

3. Exterior wayfinding and directional signage

Wayfinding solutions are necessary to help visitors and residents navigate a parking lot or building complex. For example, the parking signs could direct to resident parking and guest parking. Or you may have to provide directions to individual entrances where specific units are located. Directional signs can help create a better experience when visiting the property.

4. Interior wayfinding signs

Wayfinding signs are vital to the apartment community for creating an organized and safe atmosphere. Some safety signs such as evacuation plans, hazards, and restricted access may be required by law. Other helpful signs for direction benefit guests and residents as they find their way through the building.

5. Post mounted residential signs

Depending on the type of the building and surrounding property, a post-mounted sign may be helpful. A post-mounted building sign can serve a similar purpose as a monument sign. However, they are typically cheaper to design, install, and maintain.

6. Anti-graffiti signs

Anti-graffiti signage is essential to ensure your signage always matches the high standard of the multifamily housing complex. Graffiti-proof signs have a clear coating making it easy to clean off spray paint using a cloth and some rubbing alcohol. This type of sign not only makes building maintenance more manageable, but residents also feel safer in the area.

7. ADA signage for public areas

ADA signs are typically required in all public areas. ADA-compliant signage has tactile raised Braille lettering and graphics for visually impaired people. These signs are helpful as wayfinding signage and for communicating vital information. ADA signs are usually in restrooms, lobbies, and elevators.

8. Resident parking signs

Most residential buildings with parking lots require signage to direct vehicles. Commonly, resident and visitor parking is separate. There could also be areas in the lot where no parking is allowed. Clearly displayed signs can also warn of fines or penalties for breaking the restrictions.

9. Access control signs

In a residential building with many individual units and surrounding property, access control signs are essential. These signs convey vital information to ensure residents and guests are safe. The control signs can also inform residents of any policies and regulations in place. Other types of signs maybe be a legal requirement to warn of hazards or video surveillance.

10. Custom apartment signs

Of course, you may require custom-designed signs for specific occasions. We can help design signs if you need to advertise vacant apartments, let residents know about upcoming events, or convey contact information. Some examples of our custom signs include banner signs, commemorative plaques, awning and canopy signs, blade signs, and digital displays.

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