• What Makes A Sign ADA Compliant? A Guide For Businesses

    We've all seen professional signs in commercial facilities, ranging from overhead signs, restroom signs, exit signs, and even braille signs. Printing a sign and placing it may sound easy, but using ADA-compliant signs in businesses is required by law — specifically, the ADA. The American Disabilities Act requires buildings to place signs that are ADA [...] More
  • 7 Must-Have Property Management Signs for Your Community

    If you're a property manager, you know just how important it is to have various property management signs and banners in your apartment community. Signs at commercial properties help keep tenants safe and make it easier for future residents to navigate the complex. It's also critical for business communities to have the correct apartment signage [...] More
  • What is a Pylon Sign and Why Does My Business Need One?

    Pylon signs are a popular signage choice for gas stations, restaurants, shopping centers, strip malls, and other businesses located near major highways. The reason why pylon signs are so popular for these types of companies is that they stand taller than most other signage options. Where height and visibility are critical for drawing customers and [...] More
  • What Kind of Commercial Building Signs Do I Need for My Business?

    A well-designed commercial building sign for your business is an ideal way to attract more customers. Exterior building signs provide a way for people to identify your business location quickly. However, the commercial sign doesn’t just convey information. The enticing outdoor building sign can incorporate business logos, color schemes, eye-catching graphics, and advertising to promote [...] More
  • What Is A Monument Sign? A Simple Explanation Of How It Works.

    A monument sign is an excellent way to get your commercial premises noticed. Monument signage is highly versatile because the style and design can match your brand and increase your visibility. And there are many styles of signs to choose from. Most contain your business name, logo, and information for your customers. For businesses without [...] More
  • How To Know If You Need a Signage Permit: A Guide for Businesses

    Every business needs excellent signage. A professional and visible sign helps your business stand out from the competition, attract customers, and communicate your message. But before you put up a storefront sign or business sign, it's essential to know if you need a signage permit. You may not realize it, but zoning laws in most [...] More
  • Types of Signage: Which Is Most Useful For Your Business?

    Signage is crucial for your business because it represents your brand, helps to market your products, and communicates with your customers. There are many different types of sign, each with a specific purpose. Signage can drive sales, increase brand loyalty, attract potential customers, and set you apart from your competitors when used correctly. Signage styles [...] More
  • Find The Sign for You: The 411 on Sign Types

    How do you figure out what kind of sign or signage package you need? At Sunshine Sign, we live and breathe signs. But we get it, you might not know the exact sign terminology we live day and day out.  We’ve included some key definitions of sign types and what they are most applicable for …

  • With Less Time in Public, What Do You Do to Attract Your Customer?

    In the time of COVID-19, many consumers are spending less time in public and becoming more efficient when they shop. That means businesses, particularly small, local businesses have less time in front of the consumer. Here are some considerations in strategizing how to attract your customers back: Be Transparent: Customers don’t need you to be everything [...] More