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Custom signs that make your brand stand out start with high-quality, professional custom sign fabrication. Signage like monument signs, channel letter signs, pylon signs, and banners help customers recognize and find your business. When looking for the perfect fabrication signage, you need a company to take your concepts and turn them into an eye-catching, unique display that meets your exacting specifications.

We are a trusted sign production company specializing in custom signage fabrication. At Sunshine Sign, our team of graphic designers and signage fabricators work with you to develop bespoke, durable, high-quality professional signage for your business.

How Custom Signage Fabrication Sets Your Business Apart

Creative fabrication signage is a great way to make your business stand out from the competition and attract customers. Using a wide variety of signage and incorporating your brand, logo, and message, you can increase visibility in a crowded marketplace. With custom signage fabrication, your business premises are instantly recognizable.

Custom signage can use any style, from simple lettering to complex logos. Using various materials in sign production, including vinyl, aluminum, steel, and wood, can help you achieve the perfect sign. Skilled sign fabricators manufacture architectural signage, channel letters, vehicle wraps, digital printing, and vinyl graphics to give your pride in your business.

Sign Fabrication — The Design Process

Custom signage fabrication starts with the design process. Then, our team of skillful designers and engineers works with you to turn your ideas, concepts, and advertising goals into reality. This process involves knowing the sign’s purpose, where it will be used, and the type of material to use.

Here are the steps involved in sign creation to turn a concept into a stunning display:

Company branding — The first step is to collect all information regarding your branding and requirements. We ensure that the color schemes match your branding and that your logo and motif work well with the intended sign.

Concept — A sign designer will work with you to help you choose the correct design elements for the signage. The goal is to create signs to maximize their visual impact.

Where the sign will go — Consideration of where to install the sign is another aspect of our customized service. For example, will the sign be on a wall, vehicle, or the ground? Additionally, it’s vital to decide on the right materials to use to ensure the signage looks good year after year.

Installation information — Some types of commercial signage or exterior signs on buildings require permits or licenses. In addition, there may be local laws restricting height, appearance, color, or other design elements. We also perform a site needs assessment to evaluate the overall impact of the signage.

Budget — We realize that every business works to a tight budget. That is why our team will help maximize your investment to create signage with the most significant impact.

The custom sign fabrication process involves bringing together the expertise of our sign creators. To produce bespoke signage, you will work with our graphic designers. After you approve the concept and design, the signage fabrication moves to manufacture and installation.

Signage Fabrication — The Manufacturing Process

The type of signage on your business premises must reflect your brand, attract customers, and set you apart. Outdoors signs require fabrication using durable materials that won’t fade or suffer from the weather. We ensure that only the best suitable materials are used so that your signage will stand out.

After design approval, the sign production moves to the manufacturing stage. This stage involves using the latest technology, high-quality materials, and fabrication equipment to create finished product (signage) that meets your specific requirements.

Here is what is involved in the process:

Modeling and fabrication equipment — To ensure high standards, sign fabrication companies use specialized tools machines. For example, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment means that the production process is more accurate and flexible. The equipment has low tolerances, ensuring the signage matches the approved sign design.

Digital printing — Using the latest printing techniques for outdoor signs results in accurate, high-quality, colorful displays. For example, UV-curable ink ensures lettering and visual art adheres tightly to the sign material. In addition, this technique prevents peeling, fading, or damage, regardless of the weather conditions.

Metal finishing and painting — To ensure custom signage fabrication, we offer a wide range of finish types and materials for your signs. You can choose from among them based on your needs and budget. A variety of vinyl signs come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors. In addition, you can choose from several different styles, including flat, raised, and embossed lettering.

Some of the finishing options to choose from include:

  • Polyurethane painting to provide superior resilience
  • Powder-coated signage to maximize impact and increase visibility
  • Faux finishes to provide budget-friendly signage fabrication
  • Polishing, galvanizing, and anodizing to achieve the finish you desire

In addition, our digital, computer-controlled color matching technology ensures uniformity across all your branding.

Electrical safety — We ensure that all signage incorporating electrical aspects meets the highest standards. This includes lighting for monument signs, LED illuminated signs, or digital displays.

Sign installation — After fabrication, signs are installed by our team of qualified signage experts or contractors. Because we will have already conducted site surveys and secured necessary permits, installation takes place soon after fabrication signage is completed.

Signage Fabrication — Types of Signs for Your Business

Custom signage expresses your brand’s purpose and attracts customers. A well-designed sign can serve many purposes. For example, business signage can let people know your location, provide directions, or convey helpful information. To ensure your signage meets its goals, it is good to know the type of custom sign fabrication available.

Monument signs

Monuments signs are typically installed low to the ground. These permanent detached or freestanding signs help create a stunning first impression of your business. In addition, we can create signage with brick, stone, or wood effects using faux materials.

A monument sign can also be illuminated externally or internally to increase its visual impact and help direct customers when it’s dark. Additionally, our customized monument sign fabrication ensures it is durable and will stand out in the landscape.

Signage for storefronts

A high-impact sign on a storefront can really make your business stand out in a crowded landscape. They help your customers find you, and they can attract new customers. Our team can design, create, and print custom signs that fit your brand and business needs.

Our storefront signs are made of durable materials that will last for years. We have an experienced, expert design staff and the technology ready to handle any request. You can choose from an awning, LED, channel letters, 3D signs, hanging signs, or a vertical sign. We can start getting your business noticed with a stunning custom storefront sign.

LED Signs

Illuminated signs using the latest LED technology or traditional neon are ideal for producing eye-catching signage. LED has the advantage because it is versatile and cost-effective to operate. In addition, LED signage comes in several colors and is an excellent solution for outdoor or indoor signs.

Exhibition signs

Custom flexible signage like banners, awnings, or canopies are effective temporary signs for promoting your business. These displays are perfect for advertising to promote new products and services or create visually appealing signs in lobbies, conference rooms, and other public areas. Also, pop-up displays are ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, or showrooms.

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