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We Can Help Keep Your Business ADA Compliant

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is important for everyone, including employees and customers, and all businesses and organizations are subject to its rules. At Sunshine Sign, we provide ADA-compliant signs that have been produced specially for your company based on your design ideas and choices.

We include your tailored wording to ensure that everyone feels welcome, safe, and secure when visiting or working on your premises. Our top-grade machines and a wide selection of materials and design options make it easy to give your building the look and feel you want while making it more accessible and traversable for everyone.

We at Sunshine Sign are ADA knowledgeable, so let us know how we can help keep your business ADA compliant while staying true to your preferred aesthetic.

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Key Benefits of Ordering ADA Compliance Signs from Us

There’s complying with ADA sign requirements, and there’s complying with ADA sign requirements with style. At Sunshine Sign, we offer a range of custom design options for ADA-compliant signs for small businesses, schools, cultural institutions, and more.

  • Custom colors and shapes to match your building and landscape
  • One-on-one consulting for seamless delivery
  • Stress-free, done-for-you permit acquisition
  • From-scratch custom design or recreation of existing ADA signs

We Offer the Following ADA Compliant Signs:

  • Sandblasted, applique, or Photopolymer ADA signs
  • Custom directories
  • Curved systems
  • Restroom signage
  • In use and available signs
  • Complete systems including room, door, directional signs, and more
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How to Comply with ADA Regulations?

Complying with Americans with Disabilities Act sign requirements presents a unique set of challenges. You must comply with the compliance specifics for the type of structure you’re outfitting, how the space is used, entrance and egress markings, sign location, fonts, embossed letters, installation height, and much more. 

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with meeting these challenges head-on:

  • Structure-mapping to help you identify areas where ADA compliant sign is required
  • Selecting the correct markings needed for each location where you must place ADA sign
  • Choosing signs outfitted with the correct markings 
  • Determining the right positioning and height for each ADA sign

Complying with ADA sign requirements doesn’t have to be a tedious, stressful process. Our designers and installation techs will work closely with you to deliver high-quality, Americans with Disabilities Act compliant signs that meet requirements and exceed your expectations — on time and within budget. 

  • Custom features — Shapes, frames, attachments, and full-color graphics
  • Additional ADA-compliant features — Slide-in windows, available and in-use sliders, and more
  • Background materials and colors — Background and lettering requirements all within ADA guidelines

Get the 411 on ADA Compliant Signs: Your Top Questions Answered

We offer a variety of sign types for your organization: 

  • Building-mounted signs — Building-mounted signs assist visitors in finding your location and brand your business in ADA-compliant style. 
  • Digital signs — From video wall displays, custom directory displays, and more, digital signs allow you to display various messages to your customers. 
  • Freestanding signs — A freestanding sign helps your visitors find their way around the outside of your building. Our freestanding traffic control signs ensure road safety while also meeting ADA requirements. 
  • Interior signs — ADA-compliant interior signs assist your visitors with navigating your building’s interior and can also be used to enforce regulatory requirements. 
  • Vehicle wraps — We also offer vehicle wraps to support your enterprise. You can incorporate these into your ADA sign package.
  • Other Signs – We provide the largest selection of office signs, handicap parking signs, directional signs, & other important ADA signs.

You may have heard the term “tactile” or “braille signs” regarding ADA compliance. These terms are sometimes used to refer to ADA compliant signs with braille and raised markings or lettering. But the ADA defines and also requires other compliant signage that doesn’t include raised characters or embossed letters. You’ll want to make sure your braille signs meet all ADA guidelines.

ADA compliance signs are required at every entrance and exit. The federal government also requires buildings to mark permanent rooms and spaces in public facilities with ADA-compliant identifying signs. 

You’re also required to meet ADA signage compliance for other interior and exterior locations. Our consultants can help further assist you with identifying areas that need ADA signage when you contact us

Chances are, yes. The federal government requires ADA signage in public facilities where employees, clients, and customers meet. The following types of buildings have to meet ADA signage compliance:

  • State, local, and county government buildings
  • Public accommodations
  • Commercial facilities 

ADA signs are designed to accommodate people with disabilities and their caretakers. Signs that meet compliance requirements and are appropriately placed also help the visually impaired, and those who use a wheelchair, can find their way around your facility. 

Meeting these accessibility needs is a critical part of serving the community and also meeting government requirements. Otherwise, your organization can be fined if it violates federal ADA sign regulations.

The size of a building does not exempt it from having to meet ADA sign compliance obligations. The only exemptions for federal ADA sign requirements are:

  • Prisons
  • Facilities eligible for the National Register of Historic Places

Public restrooms must be accessible for disabled persons and have an ADA sign to help both the visually impaired and the sighted find their way to bathroom, shower, and locker room facilities. ADA restroom signs must include the correct text and pictograms for the visually-impaired.

An exit signs tactile characters must be at 48 inches or more above the finished floor based on the bottom tactile character’s baseline. Exits signs must be no more than 60 inches to the uppermost tactile character’s baseline. Also, tactile exit signs must be placed on the latch side of the door.

Elevators have to be easily accessible. You can’t place elevators at the end of a tiny hallway, for example. To meet ADA requirements, elevator doors must remain completely open for three seconds or more. The call buttons have to be at least .75 inches in diameter, and button heights centered 42 inches from the floor. 

Having ADA-compliant signs for elevators is critical for helping disabled and non-disabled people navigate a building with ease. Although elevator signs play a minor role in elevator safety, failing to clearly mark where elevators are located with ADA-compliant signs can have significant consequences for your facility and result in fines.

Gone are the days when ADA compliance signs were simple blue placards with standard white lettering and pictograms. Today, organizations have far more design choices in ADA sign compliance that complement their buildings and brand their facilities. 

While unique and stylish signs are a welcome change, they must still meet legal requirements. Some of the most common ADA sign mistakes we see are:

  • Not enough contrast between the background, braille, raised letters, or pictograms
  • No braille included on tactile signs
  • Incorrect braille dimensions 
  • Incorrectly sized letters 
  • Fonts that aren’t sans serif
  • Incorrect spacing between sign components

Worst of all, we often see no signs indicating a permanent space or a doorway. No matter what, doors and permanent rooms must have an ADA compliant, tactile sign to meet legal requirements.

Every permanent room must have raised letters & braille text. 

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We’re Your Partner in ADA Compliance Signs

At Sunshine Sign, we design stylish, branded signs that are ADA compliant and serve disabled members of the community and their caretakers. Our design specialists and technicians have the knowledge and expertise to help you identify exactly what ADA-compliant signs you need to meet federal requirements and complement your space.

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