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Is the top of the flagpole outside your office looking worse for wear? Do you need to replace broken halyards? Or maybe you need a relocation and flagpole installation to a new office building? When MA business owners search for flagpole repair companies near me, they frequently come across Sunshine Sign and our stellar reviews.

It’s not hard to see why. At Sunshine Sign, our decades of experience and expertise in the installation of commercial flag poles, maintenance, and repair have earned us an excellent reputation. We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service for all customers. So if you need a thorough and quick flagpole fix for your commercial property, reach out to us today for assistance.

Flagpole design and anatomy

You might think that a flagpole is just a fancy stick in the ground with a flag on it. But many parts make up a durable, functional flagpole, and intricate designs are involved in flagpole construction. Therefore, it’s essential to know the internal or external halyard flagpole components so you can choose the right flagpole for your location.


The very top of the flagpole is called a finial. Often, this will be a simple ornament, gold ball, or bronze sphere. But some come companies, like museums, schools, or government buildings, will have fancier sculptures for finials such as eagles.


A truck as it relates to flagpoles is a pulley assembly mounted right below the finial. Stationery trucks are placed over the top of the flagpole and secured with setscrews. Non-stationery, or revolving trucks, are attached to the top of the flagpole with a 1 ¼” National Pipe Thread spindle. Bearings are used to mount the revolving truck, so it moves in the wind.

Snap hook

As we work our way down the flagpole, the next part is called a snap hook, and it’s similar to the closures seen on dog leashes. Snap hooks are also called flag snaps and are made out of metal such as aluminum. But you can also find them in vinyl. Snap hooks are outfitted with a spring closure that attaches the flag to a halyard.

Halyard channel

Next is the halyard channel, which is typically several feet long. The halyard channel extends up the flagpole from the cleat directly below it, and it helps protect the flag from theft or vandalism.


A flagpole halyard is the nylon rope or cable used to move the flag up and down. It can be located internally or externally. Halyards are operated via a pulley system located in the truck. A cleat is used to secure the halyard at the pole’s base.


The flagpole cleat is a t-shaped piece of metal that secures a hoisted flag by wrapping the halyard around it. Typically, cleats are mounted to the pole approximately five feet from the ground surface.


Juvenile jokes aside, flagpoles do have a butt. The butt of a flagpole is simply the more prominent, lower base end of the pole.

Flash collar

The flash collar is a cover that wraps around the flagpole base at the ground level. Usually, the flash collar will be the same material and color as the flag adorning the pole.

Matching flash collars give the flagpole a sleek, professional look. But they also serve a functional purpose, protecting the flagpole and its foundation from rain, mud, and debris.

Foundation tube

Finally, we come to the foundation tube. It’s a steel or PVC tube placed into the ground to support the pole and secure it in place.

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Flagpole Maintenance

Designing and installing a custom flag pole is a significant investment. Routine maintenance can also uncover any potential issues with the components and accessories and if you need to get replacement parts soon.

Keep these tips in mind when caring for a flagpole:

  • Clean an aluminum or steel flagpole with mild soap and warm water. Attach a soapy sponge to the halyard, and raise and lower it with the sponge attached.
  • If your flagpole has an anodized finish, it does not need cleaning. The finish will act as a protected coating. Cleaning an anodized flagpole can void the warranty.
  • You can clean a fiberglass flagpole with a mild bathroom cleaner and water.
  • Do not dry clean the flag. Simply spot clean with mild soap and water.
  • Do not attach a cotton flag to a flagpole. Cotton colors will bleed when wet, and a cotton flag should only be used for a temporary display or a parade. On the other hand, nylon and polyester flags are suitable for outdoor use.

We suggest replacing a flag if it becomes faded or frayed. Typically, a flag will last about six months before you’ll need to replace it.

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