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Directory signs are a crucial addition to your building or lobby. From the moment a visitor, employee, client, or customer enters the building, they will look for the lobby directory sign to get to their destination in a timely manner. Installing changeable directory signs also ensures flexibility when locations or businesses change.

For directional signs to be effective, they must show information in an eye-catching way. Ideally, people should be able to read the signs from a reasonable distance. In addition, the directional sign system must have signs located at strategic points throughout the building. For example, wayfinding signs should be at entranceways, near elevators, in hallways, and other key waypoints.

At Sunshine Sign, we realize the importance of having well-designed directory signs in a building. We can produce directional building signage for all your needs using various high-quality materials — aluminum, vinyl, or acrylic. However, with so many types of directory signs to choose from, choosing the right design can be challenging.

Why Building Directory Signs are Important

Building directory signs are an essential part of any business establishment. They provide information about what is inside and outside the building. Signage can include location, hours, phone numbers, directions, and additional information. In addition, a well-designed directory sign can be used for marketing when it incorporates your brand elements.

There are four primary reasons why building directory signs are vital for schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, hotels, and restaurants.

1. Lobby directory signs save time

Wayfinding signs in a lobby save visitors time. People unfamiliar with the building’s layout can easily use interior directories to see where they need to go without asking for directions.

2. Office directory signs prevent employee frustration

Directional signage in an office complex also saves frustration. For example, without effective wayfinding signage, visitors will constantly be asking employees, tenants, or other staff members for directions. This situation is not only frustrating for employees but also for people unfamiliar with the office building.

3. Changeable directory signs are easily updated

Tenants will come and go in buildings, so changing directory signage with a new tenant list must be straightforward. You can also use freestanding temporary signs for special events to direct guests to the right place. Additionally, changeable signs throughout the building help save money if space usage changes.

4. Create a positive first impression

The design of a lobby is the first impression new visitors have of a building. Using visually pleasing, appealing, and functional directional signs can enhance the customer experience. Not only can they navigate the building more leisurely, but attractive signs also create a welcoming atmosphere and put a person’s mind at ease in an unfamiliar environment.

Types of Lobby Directory Signs

Lobby directional signage provides information and helps people navigate a building from the moment they enter it. However, effective signs can do more when incorporating your logo and other information.

We can create attractive branded signs to inform customers about your business or businesses in the establishment. In addition, lobby signs can boost employee engagement when they are reminded of your brand.

There are several types of signs that are suitable for lobbies:

  • Digital directories: Digital signage has the advantage because it can incorporate images, video, and directional information. It is also easy to adapt the message depending on individual needs.
  • Building directories: These are large signs, usually with directional arrows, to help people locate their destination.
  • Branded directional signage: Customized directional signs can help transform a bland, empty business space into a vibrant area that inspires visitors and employees.

Other types of wayfinding signage for building areas can include the following:

  • Arrows and directions on walls or floors.
  • Floor signs with a list of departments on the relevant floor.
  • Destination signs for bathrooms and restrooms.
  • Nameplates and room numbers.
  • Emergency signage to comply with laws and improve safety.
  • ADA-compliant building directories with braille and tactile graphics.

The Advantage of Changeable Directory Signs

Most large commercial buildings benefit from changeable directional signage. However, changeable signs are also helpful in municipal government buildings, like schools, hospitals, museums, and other establishments.

Here are two types of updateable signs that are useful for many buildings:

  • Changeable directory signage: Elegant and attractive signs have removable lenses and easily changeable nameplates. The signs are in high-quality aluminum frames with non-glare acrylic lenses. These allow property owners to change signs as necessary. In addition, it is possible to have changeable paper inserts or laser engraved inserts made from vinyl, acrylic, or metal.
  • Interactive digital signage: Using digital screens is a cost-effective way to use for interior wayfinding systems. Apart from using arrows, digital signs can incorporate branding, advertisements, and special offers. To boost customer experience, interactive and changeable screens can direct visitors to their desired location in real-time.

Changeable directional signs are not only for inside buildings. Outdoor directories with changeable inserts are also helpful for a parking lot, the building’s entryway, or in a university or campus setting.

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Every commercial building requires directory signage. Outdoor building signs direct guests to the correct entrance. Then, after entering the building, informational signs help people find the right department, office, or floor that they are looking for. Finally, office directory signs on each floor ensure a person gets to their destination without difficulty.

At Sunshine Sign, we have many years of experience designing and installing custom directory signs for a wide range of buildings. Our designers can work with you to incorporate your brand into bespoke signage that will enhance your building’s appearance. We can also help design and install changeable directory signs to suit your specific needs.

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