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Directional signage, also known as a wayfinding sign, provides seamless direction and guidance to guests in your place of business. Visitors do not need to call for assistance or stop to ask strangers for direction when they can consult an easy-to-read sign designed especially for their needs.

Two distinct forms of wayfinding signage include monument and architectural signs, but they also come in formats that include building directories, maps, and pictograms. Any visual cues that help a person get where they need to go counts as directional signage.

More than anything else, wayfinding signs must be designed to help direct people and to avoid any possible confusion. They can be used as four different options. They can either be used as informational signs to help people know about their current co-ordinates or they can be used as directional signs to help people find their destination, or they can be used as warning signs to help people in case of an emergency like showing escape routes or identifying no-smoking zones. Last but not least wayfinding signage can also be used as identification signs to help people identify particular locations like restrooms etc.

Our expert designers combine art, psychology, color, typography, and symbols to make navigating your space as seamless and effortless as possible

Wayfinding signs are ideal for:

  • Shopping centers
  • Housing developments
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Trade shows
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Conference centers
  • Boat docks
  • Events
  • And more!


  • College Campus Signage
  • Arena/Sport Signage
  • Streetscapes
  •  Awning
  • General Contractor Signage
  • Parks & Recreational Facilities Signage

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